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Come to the Neapolitan city of Herculaneum, a destination with a strong past that will welcome you with the open arms

The Andris Hotel, located only 20 km from Naples, will make you feel in a relaxing oasis, surrounded by the wealth of the Vesuvius National Park. Be tempted by our unbeatable services and our modern rooms that allow you not to go out of the hotel while you are on the road.

Recipient of the 2015 Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor, the Andris hotel offers innovative and well-equipped rooms with avant-garde furniture, adapted to your needs. Furthermore, within its facilities, the hotel has a swimming pool, a lounge-bar, an impressive restaurant and a wonderful space to organise weddings that will make your attendees be astonished. Share the most important day of your life with us and you will never regret!

Vesuvius National Park
Admire the beauty of an active volcano. You will be accompanied by expert guides in an exciting experience through the most wild of nature, declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1995.

Leave your car parked at an altitude of 1,000 meters and continue on foot along about 800 meters of trails. This route runs on average about 20-25 minutes and that leads to the western edge of the crater at an altitude of 1,180 meters. If you go on along the pathway, you will reach Capannuccia, an impressive area with panoramic views to make you feel astonished.

Hiking enthusiasts can also do one of the nine routes the park offers, created by eliminating the risk factors on the tracks and adding signage along the path to indicate the most interesting geological, natural and historical evidence. You will experience fascination while immersed in nature and encounter the immense volcano in total safety.

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The Ruins of Herculaneum
About 2,000 years ago, the volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the city of Herculaneum, founded by Ambrose Nucerino. It was a representative place at that moment, so now you can visit the ruins experts could recover. You can visit the Roman baths and even check how the Sacello degli Augustali, a religious point of that time, was.
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Although the city was devastated by the force of Vesuvius, it was mostly recovered and exposes magnificent ruins. You can visit several building, decorating elements and aspects of the way of life. You can even see the sculptures of some people who had been buried! The ruins are extensive and let you reproduce the citizens’ life, for example, with the temples, the church, the forum and the thermal baths, all of them decorated with valuable frescoes and mosaics.
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The Royal Palace of Caserta
This palace, used as a royal residence by the monarch Charles VII of Naples, is a majestic place that reflects luxury and ostentations of the period it was built. It tried to imitate the elegance of the French palace of Versailles, so do not forget to look its fountains and gardens, the wide number of rooms and spaces, and the impressive decoration it has.
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Andris Hotel, an establishment into the grounds of a natural park where modernity and tradition walk hand in hand

At your arrival to Andris hotel, you will be delighted by the natural environment of the Campania region, where the Vesuvius National Park is placed. The most important attraction of this space is the volcano Mount Vesuvius, which caused the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum to disappear. It is a magical and historical corner that leads you to ancient times. At the same time, it make you enjoy our avant-garde services, especially designed to offer maximum comfort.


Modern and innovative suites and rooms for you
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Magnificent swimming pool and solarium with views to the Naples gulf
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Special area to taste a freshly made drink or a bite
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Incredible weddings

Unbeatable facilities and services for the most important day of your lives
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