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8 Fév

In contact with nature

The Andris Hotel loves nature and puts it in the table with the organic products of the Isernia family cultivated just behind our structure, with selected season products to discover the authentic tastes of our rich and generous land.

In this blog we will talk about tourism in contact with nature that will give you a lot of well-being and that is in the ropes with our offer, always very sustainable!

Today we talk about Vesuvius and its Park, which is National since 1995. It’s a lovely place to visit by doing nordicwalking or trakking, with Horses or on quad. There are guides, all certified, that can make memorable your visit to the park of the powerful giant.

Wildlife lovers can see closely a wide variety of protected species and those who love to do birdwatching will be able to observe the bird Beccaccia, the goldfinch, the red woodpecker, the imperial crow, the upupa, the birds of prey and many other species.

Rabbits, hares and foxes will cheer your visit. The flora is amazing because it tells of an ancient history that the guide will make fascinating for You. And for those who love geology, this is exactly the place to increase the knowledge about the minerals in the Vesuvius.

For more info go to or book your holiday at Andris now and our conciergerie will think of everything!

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