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8 Mar

Waiting Casatiello

Today our blog will talk about cooking, the good one, that of Neapolitan tradition which goes around the world and which remains the most of time inimitable. Neapolitan cuisine is ancient, blazoned and refined. It is loved all over the world because it has perhaps within itself the good of every culture.

Just the influence of the different cultures which have followed each other during the various dominations have determined the dishes variety enriched by imagination and creativity typical of Neapolitan people.

Every dish at Andris Hotel is an opportunity to enjoy a taste experience and to discover the flavors and history of our traditional cuisine. Waiting for Easter we will talk about the “Casatiello”! The Casatiello has ancient origins, even we can find an evidence in the book « Cinderella the Cat » by Gianbattista Basile written in 1634. The writer tells about the celebrations organized by the King to find the famous girl who lost the shoe and who stole his heart.

“E’ venuto lo juorno destenato oh bene mio: che mazzecatorio e che bazzara che se facette! Da dove vennero tante pastiere e casatielle? Dove li sottestate e le porpette? Dove li maccarune e graviuole? Tanto che nce poteva magnare n’asserceto formato” (ndr “The long-awaited day has arrived, oh my dear: what a revelry it was! Where did we get so many cakes and casatielli? Where have you kept the meatballs, pasta and ravioli? The food was so much to let an entire army eat”).

We decided to use a fairy tale to present one of the many literature’s testimonies on the “casatiello” which takes the origin of its name from the « Caso », that is “cheese” in Neapolitan. The cheese is indeed the absolute protagonist of this recipe that is made for Easter for simple convenience! Easter almost always happens during

Spring, the time of trips and picnics so the legendary salty cake full of deliciousness, from cured meats to hard-boiled eggs, is ideal for collecting energies for games and outdoor races! 

There is another reason why it is prepared for Easter. Not everyone in the past could afford to buy the expensive ingredients for this recipe, but Easter was the best time to celebrate a special day with a rich dish.

We, in our kitchens, do it as then, giving different forms to the secular culture, but by realizing the dough with the sourdough starter and by respecting the times of leavening in a warm place. The dough is then filled with every delicious ingredient. Once baked it looks golden and delicious. 30 hours of preparation for a result that leads through a wonderful journey for discovering our culinary tradition.

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