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26 May

Come back to Surriento

The invitation of the ancient “Torna a Surriento” melody resounds sweetly all over the world. Equally inviting was the song of the sirens that, according to the legend, beautiful and persuasive, also tempted Ulysses and his companions. But perhaps, the Mermaid is the same Sorrento that has always attracted travelers from all eras. Sorrento is an invitation to pleasure and in late spring, even more!

Here is a guide to unusual and unusual places to fully enjoy the town that preserves wealth, culture and … flavors!

Do not miss the Museo Correale di Terranova to learn about the historical art of inlaid wood.


Among the monumental places that deserve to be visited are Piazza Tasso, the Basilica of S. Antonino, the town hall, the Cloister of S. Francesco, the Duomo, the ancient walls and the Vallone dei Mulini. Sorrento is also an excellent starting point for trips and excursions on the Lattari Mountains and to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, characterized by a coastline rich in inlets, like that of Jeranto, today under UNESCO protection.

… and to satisfy even the most demanding palates, the gastronomic tradition of Sorrento is prosperous and includes delicious dishes using dairy products: gnocchi alla sorrentina, spaghetti with zucchini, spaghetti with walnuts, stuffed cuttlefish alla sorrentina, cannolini alla sorrentina represent only some examples of what Sorrento can offer its visitors.

There are many typical products that shoppers can find walking through the streets of the charming town. Among these the inlaid wood products, in whose artistic production the Sorrento peninsula boasts a centuries-old tradition.

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