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19 Nov

How to live the tourism of festivities in the comfort zone

It divides the city of Naples in two. The miracle of the Decumano that , from its time, marked the Greco-Roman city towards the sea. A straight line, this one in Naples, that cuts the city like a sharpened blade, offering a unique and unrepeatable charm in the world.

It attracts tourists from around the world, but also attracts local tourism, which before preparing the canonical Christmas decorations, tries to find the exquisitely crafted detail in a magical world.

Andris Hotel offers a visit evocative and unforgettable, giving some indication of the beautiful things to see before going for a relax.

Before diving into the crowd, look at Spaccanapoli from the San Martino Hill. You will see that the effect is incredible. You can still see the ancient „cardines“ and „insulae“ of the greek-Roman city.

Once down, the people, the noisy carts, folklore and the wonderful Neapolitan excesses may distract you from the richness of the culture, but you, do not miss the statue of the God Nile, in the square, the Greek Walls in Piazza Calenda and the courtyards .

If you can, take the route from Square Gesu Nuovo, entering in the Baroque Jesuit Church. You will see! Continue to Street Benedetto Croce lined to Filomarino building where the philosopher lived and then reach Square San Domenico Maggiore.

You cannot miss the Sansevero Chapel to see a show that leaves you speechless. The Veiled Christ is something indescribable beauty. The veil that covers the Christ is impalpable. Also you’ll wonder how the lightness of the silk can appear so authentic even if it is realized with the hard marble. Even you, perhaps, can believe the legend that tells of the petrification of a real drape.

Albeit a little stunned by so much beauty, don’t give up and go on toward Street San Biagio dei Librai to see the goldsmith’s workshops and the booksellers. Shortly thereafter, in Street Duomo, you can admire the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, built between the late fourth and early fifth century, but rebuilt in the seventeenth century by Cosimo Fanzago. The old town was declared by UNESCO.

After the obligatory tour, you can loose yourself in the true meaning of Christmas, you can purchased the fantastic artisanal creations in laboratories craft, treat yourself to the whim of the little characters of the crib but also characters very actual and enjoy yourself to see the faces of gossip and politic characters created by the Neapolitan cribs’s masters.

We will wait you in the hotel for welcoming you, pamper you with organic cuisine of our crops and make you enjoy your relaxation.

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