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The Neapolitan spring will be entirely dedicated to Totò, Prince of laughter. Naples reminds Totò, in the fiftieth anniversary of his death, with activities, exhibitions and concerts not to be missed!

The program has a name that tells the dearest person in Naples who has the power to be incredibly actual even today. « TOTO’: ART, HUMANITY » and it begins on April 15th (anniversary of death).

On this day there will be a reconstruction of the movie sets where the movies scenes were filmed. The auditorium Rai of Naples will host an evening dedicated to the Prince of laughter that will be presented by Enzo Arbore and the Rione Sanità, where Antonio De Curtis was born and raised, will turn into a real open-air museum for the duration of the event and the youth orchestra of the Rione Sanità also will hold concerts of classical music.

As part of the circuit, the project « Toto, the man all of a piece that has left a great void » includes installations dedicated to Totò and then visits, food and wine trails, workshops and recreational and sports activities for children. There will also be several theater events at the Trianon and many other activities.

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Schedule of events

From 12th April to 9th July – exhibition of Totò Genius

The exhibition will be staged in the Maschio Angioino, in the Palazzo Reale and the complex of San Domenico Maggiore and unpublished material will be exposed through the collaboration of many partners.

15th April, 2017 – Film sets and exhibition

Along with « Teatri Uniti », the first event, that involves the reconstruction of the film sets in the places of the city where the movies were filmed, will be organized. Specifically, they will be « L’oro di Napoli » 1954, « Totò truffa ’62 » 1961 and « Totò, Peppino e la … malafemmina » 1956.

In Rione Sanità, some installations dedicated to him will be opened, including the Monolith of Giuseppe Desiato located in Largo Vita in the Sanità, entitled « Totó man all of a piece that has left a great void. »

On April 15th there will be the « Evening Totò », a tribute to the artist and to his native city at the auditorium of the RAI Production Center of Naples. It will be presented by Renzo Arbore. The special will be broadcast on RAI-2 in mid-April.

April 27th, 2017 – Totò che tragedia

At Theatre Trianon Viviani will stage « Totó che tragedia » The film tells the tormented love story of Antonio De Curtis with the dancer Liliana Castagnola.

May 7th, 2017 – La Sinfonia di Totò

It will go on stage « La Sinfonia di Totò », conceived and orchestrated by Federico Odling in collaboration with the New Scarlatti Orchestra.

June 2017 – Suor Orsola Benincasa

On a date to be determined and in partnership with the Suor Orsola, the restoration of the film « Miseria e Nobiltà », directed by Mario Mattoli and shot in 1954, will be presented. The restoration was carried out by the Foundation Film Commission and the Experimental Cinema Center – Cineteca national Rome.

There will also be a conference entitled « The case Totò fifty years after his death. » It will last two days and will be so divided: there will be three sessions (The contradiction permitted; The mask and the faces; The Totò seasons) coordinates respectively from Emma Giammattei, Marino Niola and Valerio Caprara. The second day will focus on the dialogue between scholars, experts and the public.

At the end of the conference there will be a theatrical performance « Totò la marsina dalle spalle forti ». With new technologies there will stage a dialogue between the actor and the audience.

July 15th – Final concert: Welcome to Rione Sanità

At the concert in Piazza Sanità there will be Gigi and Ross, Francesco Cicchellla, Pasquale, Palma, Andrea Sannino, Serena Autieri, and the special guest will be Clementino. Special thanks goes to Alessandro Siani.

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