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1 Mar

Sorrento to love

Maybe Settembrin tourism is the most enjoyable tourism to live because the streets are less crowded and the traveler recovers more intimacy with the places visited.

This month we take you to the discovery of Sorrento and in particular to the discovery of an unmissable beauty …

Sorrento, famous all over the world, enjoys a picturesque location on a tufaceous terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples. Breathtaking views, gardens, citrus groves, sea, and historic and religious architecture, all laced tarsies make the destination fascinating, but how many of you know the Correial Museum?

It is said « The most beautiful Museum of the province of Italy » and is in an 18th century residence.  Villa alla Rota dei Correale, counts of Terranova, donated by the brothers Alfredo and Pompeo Correale to the city of Sorrento to make it a museum open to the public.

The Museum was inaugurated in 1924 and it is divided into 24 rooms with Greek, Roman and Medieval finds, 17th and 18th century furnishings, majolica and porcelain from Capodimonte and other manufactures, Venetian glasses, Bohemian crystals, Neapolitan pastors  of 18th century and many other rare beauty items. To see the beautiful collection of furniture and objects of local craftsmanship, the core of Neapolitan paintings and landscapes of the so-called « Posillipo School »

At the end of the visit, there is the walk in the garden, a pearl of incredible beauty, which surrounds the palace and ends with a viewpoint overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

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