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8 Déc

Between antiquity and modernity

Here is another route for those who love the culture of our region, from the proposals of highest antiquity to those of maximum evolution.

Art, architecture and proposals for excursions to the sea or the mountains are not lacking to our city, which has all types of tourism, from the parks to the one of scientific interest, to suit all tastes!

If you spend a few days in our spring, you will see the selection of essential interest points. Pompeii and Herculaneum, the two most visited sites in the world, around a corner from us, they are the first step to learn about ancient civilizations. Another inevitable stop is the Museum of Capodimonte in Naples, and since you will visit the Borgo Marinari in Naples, just don’t stop to take photos only at Castel dell’Ovo, seen from the boardwalk, but go ahead, because inside there is the museum of Etnopreistoria, just to get out of the routine of typical walk and post unexpected pictures of a magical place.

If you like contemporary art, you can not give up the Pan, the Palace of Arts in Naples in Via dei Mille, and the Mother, the Art Museum Donnaregina, in Via Settembrini.

For those who want to stay in contact with nature, right near us you can discover true scenic wonders with beautiful walks, starting from the Vesuvius, the only volcano in the world protected by a National Park.

If you prefer the charm of the submerged civilization, you can see the magnificent Park of Gaiola, the  largest Archaeological Park underwater in the world. Always in our area, there is Sorrento in the area Punta Campanella, there are beautiful landscapes appreciated throughout the world.

For those who love the sciences, there is the City of Science, an incredible circuit and, on 4th of March, the museum of the human body will open, a fantastic adventure in a fascinating way to discover all of our mechanisms. Don’t go in a hurry, this place deserves at least a day …

Another recommended route for the science enthusiasts is for sure the Centre of Museums of Natural Sciences of the University Federico II, which contains over 150,000 exemplars and it is made up of the four most important natural history museums of the University of Naples: the Mineralogical Museum, Museum of Zoology, the Museum of Anthropology and the one of Paleontology. From here it’s mandatory a stop in the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, the curious will visit undoubtedly the Zoological Station « Dhorn » in the Villa Comunale di Napoli, the oldest in the world, and the Botanical Garden of Via Foria.

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