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3 Jan

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The Andris is the occasion to find true relaxation and refreshment after a day of tourism discovering the beauties of Campania. Its strategic location allows you to visit the world’s most beloved cultural sites and allows you to enjoy the spectacle of nature with volcanic phenomena by incredible effects, and also to enjoy stunning walks on foot or horseback in the Vesuvius Park.

In May, even in Campania, the festival of art explodes. This month, Naples dedicates its May to Totò with a cycle of unforgettable events titled Tribute to Totò, which we introduced on April’s blog to anticipate dates and appointments.

The art in Campania can also be admired with unforgettable dives to discover marvelous archaeological evidence in the protected Marina area in the submerged Archaeological Park of Baia.

The splendid villas that stood on this coastline were gradually submerged by the phenomena of Bradisism which still today distinguish the Phlegrean area.

In Roman times, Pozzuoli played a major role: it was an important commercial city and Baia was a destination for aristocracy in Miseno. There are many dive sites that you can visit, such as the « Secca delle fumose”, “Porto Giulio”, “Villa dei Pisoni”, “Villa Protiro”, “Villa marittima di marina grande”, “Torre del faro di Miseno” and the “Presepe Ninfeo Sommerso”.

The Park organizes courses and events, but throughout the year even without being expert you can dive in the fascinating history of our past. You just need to wear fins and masks to visit the Undersea Archaeological Park of Baia and observe what remains of the civilization that lived here in antiquity: villas and mosaics now immersed in a cloud of fish. … there is no need to be a patented diver to swim among the Roman ruins!

The Park is open every day, except Sunday and Monday, from 08:30 to 17:30 for diving and from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 16:30 to 20:30.

For more info, you already know. Just ask the conciegerie that will help you to structure the best itinerary for you!

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