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20 Jan


An enchantment, a magical place, jet set destination. Vico Equense is a show!

The Andris is the perfect place to enjoy Campania’s tourism because it enjoys a central location from which you can reach the most sought-after destinations and enjoy wonderful relaxing evenings enjoying a breathtaking panorama!

There will be lazy days of your holiday at the Andris, spent among sunbathing and moments of wellbeing in the pool or in hot tubs. There will be nights of deep sleep, never tried before, in the new wellness rooms, and there will also be fun in the hotel lounge or on leisure occasions that in the summer of Campania are so many!

For now accept another advice from our conciergerie that this time brings you to the discovery of Vico Equense!

An astonishing landscape hanging between the clear sea of the Sorrento peninsula and a land to explore, make Vico Equense an obligatory stop for an itinerary to discover the most picturesque panoramic terraces in Campania.

The coast that precedes the arrival at Vico Equense is a long itinerary of small beaches that anticipate the view of the Marina di Vico. Coming from Castellammare, the first stop is at Scrajo, a place full of thermal springs and home to a renowned bathing establishment. The gothic cathedral overhanging the sea in the city center looks out to the Marina of Aequa, where you can find numerous bathing establishments and charming tourist facilities.

The hinterland also retains the intact charm of a place to discover. In the countryside, which goes up to the Faito mountain at 1400 meters above sea level, it is possible to discover ancient houses and small houses that host the agritourism enthusiasts. Do not miss the tour of the masserie to discover the flavors of the Sorrento Peninsula, it  is a gastronomic experience of a tasty and visual impact.

Citrus fruits in these lands are celebrated in lemon and mandarin liquors, while for pizza lovers there is a chance at Vico Equense not to regret the city of Naples: You just need to be accompanied to the place where they invented the pizza at meter and measure with the centimeters the desire of the most famous plate of Campania and exported all over the world.

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